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Mehmet Salim ERDAL  : President
Hatice EMİROĞLU : Vice President
Sevda ÖRENCİK : General Sekreter 
Fuat Tezol : Finans Manager
Adem Seyfullah Koçoğlu : Manager 

Tuğrul Ünlü : Projekt Manager  

Cüneyt Ayten : Route Construktor

Orhan Kaymak : Head supervisor

Arda Üçel : Material Advisor 

About Us  

A sympathetic activity group… J

From the first day of the earth, man tried to form a society under the influence of beliefs and trends. In this context, concepts such as language, religion and race played an important role for societies to be dominant on others and this led to violence. The only valuable concepts are the ones that base on human love in the world. The base of this love is Nature.

In order to estrange young people from racial beliefs we must gather them in the base of nature.

We can hold nature sports organizations to strengthen the friendship between countries. For example, we can climb to Mount Agri and open the flags of participant countries. This might also be held in the water. Every year we can celebrate the “world tracking day”. We can gather young people in a different point every year. We can get support from the media as well.



ADOG ; is peace…

ADOG ; is freedom…

ADOG ; is sharing…

ADOG : is trust…

ADOG ; is fidelity…

ADOG ; is a warm smile…

We wish everyone luminous days with ADOG…

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