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March 9-10, 2019 (Winterevent)

We set off from Ankara at 7.00. We were six sportler. 70 km away from Ankara  in Kırıkkalede vehicle failure. We waited 2 hours for reperation. We took our friend Tarık from Kayseri and moved again to Erciyes. We went fıst up the Teleferik . Then we continued with the telesiej. After getting off the telesiej we walk a short distance with the campload and arrive at the Refuge . Room 1 is closed and we find place room 3. We're settling in after cleaning. We took dinner and early go to bed.. after 3k Technical materials (axes, crampons, helmets) and clothes control was the move from the refuge at 2.30 at night. There are many routes to Erciyes climbing . Our route is the route called "Satan-Şeytan" . Erciyes is a volcanic mountain. There is a risk of stone falling due to weather conditions. There is a risk of avalanches when passing under the "Hörgüçkaya" . Abdülmelik Doğru (President of the Federation ) died  in time as a result of an avalanche  All of these studies were taken into consideration and planned for March 9-10  and risks were minimized.
Crampons were installed on the called "BREAKFASTROCKS". Arrival time of the Summit of Satan route iwas 12.30. The return to the Refuge is 15.30. Weather  conditions from time to time blow 20-30 km of wind, at the peak -10-15 temperature, fog, 40-50 cm deep snow. Technical data is 12 km / 1100 mt. Thanks 

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