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24 March 2019 (Summerhiking) 

First, let me say this. The person who puts the 2499 mt plate on the Köroğlu summit should fix it. Because Köroğlu is 2399 mt.
Our Köroğlu activity started at 10.46 and ended up at the peak of 13.15 at 19.15. In order to reach the target peak before the activity, due to the uncertainty of the snow situation, the easiest and shortest way to return to the summit is to take 17.30 minutes. In spite of the possibility of not reaching the forest hut which is the probable starting point of our vehicle due to road condition, 2 hour reserve planned emergency escape point and back road in 1.5 km distance were mentioned. As a matter of fact, 3 kms to the shack, our vehicle has landed. This cost us an extra min 6 km / 200 mt. If the errors made during the walk are not taken into account, every situation is anticipated. Mistakes were planned after the return of the wrong stream from the Karadoğan route for a while and entered another route and returned. (700 mt) At the summit, there were 300 mt deviation. The immediate arrival was planned as a short access to the road behind the summit, but because a friend waited for us 100 mt below our arrival, the entrance to the creek was blocked because the gps record of the coordinate of the coordinate was not installed. Although GPS data shows a total of 15.7 km / 994 mt, it can be assumed that the km is 17 km. I congratulate the participants for their performance in this challenging event. A good week my dear Turkey. Adog by ...
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