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One of our most meaningful activities is planting young trees in various areas of Ankara. The need for forests increases day by day because of damaged ecological balance due to global warming and drought. As ADOG, we are aware of fulfilling our responsibility on this significant issue together with our members. While doing this, we are pleased to be in cooperation with organizations apart from us. Our aim is to increase the number of these activities. We expect more support for our planting 500 young trees in 2008-November.


ADOG Trees:

November 2005 Taşpınar 500 trees - ADOG

November 2006 İncek 500 trees - ADOG& Adventurers

March 2007 İncek 250 trees ADOG& Ayakizi

November 2007 Eymir 150 trees ADOG & ODTU

November 2008 Kolanlı Village 2500 treesADOG

November 2009   Kazan Municipality 1000 trees ADOG

November 2010  Çankaya Municipality 250 trees ADOG

November 2011 Yenimahalle Municipalty 2500 trees ADOG

We support Children


We hold activities in order to include autistic and handicapped children into social life. We will use revenue received from exhibitions for this purpose. Each ADOG member is proud of this.


In our group we carry out a campaign called “ADOG Friendship”. We donate blood and we thank our friends who support us on this initiative.

We take this Project as national awareness and duty... In this respect, we are proud that we held our first trip to Georgia. In 2007 August, we visited the virgin parts of Batumi, Kabulati, Kutaisi, Poti, Gori, Tibilisi, Borjami, Vardzia, Meskhetia.  Our trip was spontaneously held. Next we visited Tehran, Kashan, Nein, Moyep, Erdistan, Abyaneh-Isfahan, Pasargad, Persopolis and Shiraz in Iran on 13-23 April 2008. ADOG members had the honour to be the first Turks to stay in Abyaneht. We are planning to visit other neighbours in the future.

We also visited Egypt (Cairo and Alexandria) in 2007 November.

Adventurers in our group still continue to visit around the world. They share their experiences and lead the ones who plan to go somewhere around the world.

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