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 We had planned an event in accordance with the rule of 6-7 April 2019. Mount Hasan climbing was planned as a snake - route. Snake- snow route does sometimes not allow climbing according to snow and ice condition. Sometimes it is a route that does not allow walking down after climbing . 12-13 April plan taking into account the weather conditions so we took 1 week ago. The situation that I had already met with the field was exactly matched. I can say that for the Snake -Snow route, we have carried out the activity in the most appropriate condition.
Story of the event:
 - At the camp site out of us , Erkan Akış (merdak), 4 person from the team Ali Bayar , (konya dagcilik)
- There were 2 climbers from Ankara and Bursa as a small group 
- Our walk started at 4.36 in the night.
- 2 climbers marched on the drip-rock route . As the snow was intense, they made a return to the Snake - snow route. All groups then climbed from the same route.
 - Turns out, it's too painful. There was fog.
 - We finished our activitaet at 14.15.
   I would like to congratulate my friends who participated in this challenging event techcically of 11.5km / 1301 mt, which lasted 9 hours and 45 minutes in total.
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