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Polatlı and Haymana, 80 km away from Ankara, are important districts with their history, geography and ecology. Between 23 August 1921 and 13 September 1921, 22 days and 22 nights between the Greeks and the Turks was the longest battle in world history. This war took place on the hills on the Polatlı-Haymana line and thousands of people from both sides died. Since the end of the war on September 13, 1921, there have been no visits from Greece to this region. However, there are many anonymous cementeries. Screening is done and findings are found.

This situation becomes even worse when the discourse of racism in the world is added. Our project will consist of young people between the ages of 18-30 and 10 people from the project countries against the danger of increasing racism. with 10 young people from Turkey will participate in Polatli future together. Here, the bonds of friendship and brotherhood between the young people of neighboring countries were strengthened and the racism discourse and movements were prevented. For this reason, non-competitive mountaineering sport was selected. Mountaineering sports in general, hiking, trekking, climbing, canyoning etc. such as branches. In this project, hiking, trekking and sports climbing has been chosen as branch in order to increase the solidarity among the young people, to increase awareness and to raise awareness.

A total of 4 days of hiking (2 days trekking-tent camping, 2 days hiking) will be held on the 104 km long route along with the youth of the participating countries. This route passes through a number of hills where war takes place. The route was made by our club in partnership with POTA association and uploaded to GPS records.

In addition, 2 days of sports climbing will be carried out jointly among young people. Strengthening of the ties between the youth of the countries will be exhibited demonstrations on the culture, music, painting, fine arts, folk dances in order to learn the similarities in the cultural field. During the meetings, participants will be informed about the steppe ecology, historical terminology of Polat and historical and cultural places such as the world-famous Museum of Anatolian Civilizations (Hititmuseum) in Ankara.

On the other hand because of the condition of the island of Cyprus between Turkey and lasting peace can not be achieved. Greek youth who will come from Cyprus to participate in this project will contribute to lasting peace on the island. This project will play an active role in the peace of the region and the socio-economic and cultural development of the peoples. The way of development passes through peace and brotherhood.

 The duration of our project is 8 days.

Contakt person: Tugrul Unlu 
                     mail tugrul.unlu00@gmail.com


                                                                         Mehmet Salim Erdal                                                                                                  President

                                                               ADOG ( ANATOLIA NATURE GROUP)

                                                                     SPORTS CLUB ASSOCIATION

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